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((Just do that then. But before you call have a simple excuse like “I have a doctors appointment” in case they ask.

|D I always use that one—))

((Pff— |D

And it’s dumb because they don’t even need extra people? She just said that “oh we’re having company so it’d look nice to have an extra lane open” (I work at a grocery store). So she wants to have extra unneeded people working just because it’ll “look nice”? And she didn’t even say how long she wanted me there.))

((Yeah, that’s dumb. Just tell them you can’t work. There might be someone else who wants the extra hours anyways, so someone will probably agree to working.))

((Yeah, I’ll do that. Thanks. orz Plus they’ve NEVER had me work that early before, so I know they must have enough people in the morning already anyways.))


If you want to come back with a fresh mind and hopefully improve your character and you publicly say you want a break, be serious about it.


When you”re expected to like every single character who talks to you.